Friday, June 26, 2009

Still here.

Long time readers of the blog know that every once in a while I get into a funky mood and take a couple of days off. Sometimes I tell you before, sometimes after. Usually it only happens a couple of times a year, but this year it's ticked up a bit.

Mainly because normally I would go out and buy things I don't need, or rip something up that doesn't really need fixing. Yes, I buy my way out of a funk. Sue me. You used to love the jobs I made by buying crap I didn't need. And apparently, everyone else has a say in what I do and do not need now.

This year, this mindset presents a bit of a problem. First because, from day to day I'm not sure what the administration is going to make me pay for next. Health care, banks and car bailouts, pollution tax, welfare, sales taxes, income tax, capital gains tax, water increase (just because we are saving so much water) amazon tax, energy tax, gas tax.

So, you can see why most people are not spending any money. Every single day they propose a new tax. I wouldn't be surprised if most people needed the jaws of life to get people loosen up the wallets. They aren't just shaking you down in an alley. They are pushing you to the ground, and stealing even the clothes you wear.

Oh, and my State is only going to run out of money next week. I wonder what other taxes they will make up, to pay for that.

Second, there is no second. Look back at the first reason. But, Mr S. always makes a big deal about people who list a first issue without a corresponding set of issues. So I'm placating him.

Anyway... I think I'm almost through it. The funk that is. Just bear with me.