Friday, March 22, 2019

That sounds like the grossest thing ever.

The world's first VR gym is opening in San Francisco. We tried it.

I hope the guy who used the gear right before you isn't a big sweater.


  1. Capital of Texas RefugeeSaturday, March 23, 2019 5:15:00 AM

    Speaking of disgusting and gross ...

    KOMO 4 News in Seattle actually made a video about how Seattle's a wreck now.

    KOMO 4 News gave it the dramatic title "Seattle Is Dying".

    There are streets and parks I walked in a decade ago that have previously unseen levels of filth in them now.

    This sort of thing put into perspective something I'd thought about doing.

    Remember my plans to buy the van for a bit of domestic travel?

    That's not happening now.

    There's a different theme song playing these days. (And yes, I'm moving to dissolve the corporations, so to speak, but not in a pool of margaritas.)

    All it takes is for a few crappy people to mess up a good thing for everyone else, and that's what's happening with "van dwellers".

    I can see the attraction: move your residence to a state where you don't have to be there but a single day per year (such as South Dakota), and then hit the open roads in your van or giant home on wheels.

    I spent a year on the roads in a non-attention drawing vehicle, staying in hotels instead of in a van, so I get why having a van would be cool. You generally can't cook your meals in a typical American hotel, and if you're into late-night driving like I am, there's usually nothing open except gas station intestinal distress at 3 AM.

    And then I see crap-tards like these Seattle van-tards and "homeless people" and I know that the plan's dead before I even get around to trying it ...

    Why should I even try to go city to city again in America?

    Things aren't like they were in 1999 -- for starters, the hotels have become a lot more pricey since the great hotel clearing of 2001 through 2004. Lots of small towns lost their hotels, and what's left is mostly near an interstate or some bit of scenic coastline.

    What you could do back in 1999 was that you could drive US highways and stay in small local hotels nowhere near the interstates, but good luck with that now. Maybe the national parks aren't bad yet with all of the "van dwellers" wanting to hang out in them, but my guess is that they're quietly going to hell and that the threshold event that gets them noticed hasn't happened yet.

    Mostly I think I'm just tired of having to deal with crappy people whose only standard for living is the complete acceptance of all standards, including the standard of there being no standard ...

    This Seattle video is just a reminder of how I got out at a good time despite that not being what I wanted.

    But yes, VR gym sweat is just another reminder of how people are really beginning to suck ...

  2. Mr S. sent me that link a couple of days ago and I've been meaning to watch the whole thing. I will probably take a trip up there sometime this summer to visit a childhood friend that now lives there.

    So...... you know I've lived the van life right? Every once in a while I think about posting pictures. It was an old 80's style van with the motor between the front seats. This was when I was growing up. We built a bed in there and cupboards. I'm sure things are different now, but you really couldn't park anywhere over night without the police tapping on your door to make sure you were okay. There are too many van dwellers now for that to be a thing.

    A little while back (you know, internet time. Could be a week could be a month) I read a story about a guy who was planning to stay in a holiday inn when he got old instead of a nursing home. He could rent a room for 68 bucks, and he'd get better food and service. And people close who could call 911. He could have visitors any time he wanted. Honestly his rational was pretty compelling.

    I don't really think the van dwellers are the problem. It's the garbage people. And I hate that I even talk about people that way. The ratio of good people to garbage people is way out of wack right now. It's a weird badge of pride to be a mean motherfucker or a bridezilla or a mean diva. And that just really sucks.