Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Is this going to have to be a "thing" now?

BMW i8 Catches Fire, Gets Dunked in Water.

"Last week a BMW i8 that was put up for display inside a showroom in the Netherlands started smoking for unknown reasons, according to the Tilburg fire department. As people started freaking out and phones started calling the emergency services, the car apparently didn’t explode, but the firefighters did proceed to use a rather unusual means of making sure the fire was put out. As you can see from the photos, the car was simply dunked in a container filled with water."

I don't feel like snarfing their photo, so you will just have to go to the link. But it is a wild world when you have to fully submerge a car to get it to stop burning. This has to affect insurance rates eventually right?

I mean, cars catch on fire all the time. But I would say submerging a car definitely totals it if it weren't before.

As a side note - those i8's didn't really seem to sell all that well. So I'm sure some owners are happy if one burns. As an owner of a ghost brand - buy up all the floor mats you can. Those are the things you can't find years later. Oddly.


  1. Caught fire inside the show room? Ah, electric...

  2. Yeah. I'm sure this train has pretty much left the station... but wow. I guess you need a crane on duty now for dunking cars. Seems cost effective.

  3. Not a surprise. Those batteries are dangerous.

    I did find your origin documentary: "Snark, the Early Years"