Saturday, March 02, 2019

Cats? Yes - CATS.

I am not really into cats. But I do like new cat technology. And it's still pretty much real technology winter. It should open up in a couple of weeks. So - cats are filler.

But, the thing that's interesting about cats this year is they've decided to bring out the rex recessive gene in cats.  Which I didn't know existed. (in cats - bunnies obvi)

They feel very much like Lacy. And it even screws up their whiskers like in bunnies. They get pube whiskers. You can admit it. When you see pictures of my bunny you are like - what is up with those whiskers?! That is the Rex gene that does that.

Again, I don't really like cats, but I love he idea they are making them rex cats. Very short fur. No guard coat. And somewhat curly (depending). They also seemed to have a very gentle disposition like Lacy does.


  1. Capital of Texas RefugeeSunday, March 03, 2019 11:15:00 PM

    I like cats, and cats like me, but I'm still allergic to 'em ...

    I don't know what it is, but they seek me out anyway.

    I've had notoriously unhappy cats perk up and seek me out.

    So are the gene edited cats getting biotech names?

    Crispurr? Cas-Nine-Lives? See-Piff-One?


    Helicase, Nuclease ... come here!

    ... oh, look, not budging an inch, no changing that.


    That still works.


    Next thing you know, those cats'll be leading Why Pestis all over the place ... :-)

  2. They aren't really gene edited. I guess my sarcasm could have been taken that way. But I guess one naturally popped up. Who knew!? I wonder how long it will take before the rex gene for dogs shows up.

  3. Yah, the rex style coat has been around for a while, though it wasn't especially common. The fact that they're breeding for it in a wider population makes me twitchy. That sort of thing tends to result in other recessives popping up, usually ones with negative health benefits, and its the sort of thing that resulted in dog health having the issues it does. *sigh*

  4. I completely understand. Nature broke it though. We just decided we liked it and made more. So far with bunnies it doesn't seem to affect their lifespan or make them have other health issues. As I said - so far. But bunnies are not a good base case. They aren't meant to live long.