Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Still waiting.

Auto stocks fall after BMW warns of global economic slowdown, trade trouble.

But......... Tesla is still fine........ right? Said in the most sarcastic way. No one seemed to notice this headline from a few weeks ago. But I did.

Moody’s downgrades auto industry outlook from stable to negative on falling demand. Or this one from the middle of Feb.

Cars are driving us toward recession. Which basically confirmed what I had heard in the rumor mill about people in Europe almost have stopped buying cars.

Thank goodness Powel came out with that bullshit about Europe still having growth. I mean, he is technically right. which my husband says is the best kind of right. But at .02% growth... Europe is basically at stall speed. Thank gawd no one in America pays attention to anything outside of the US...... so looks legit. Right?

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