Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Did Australia not have the internet in 2008?

"Meanwhile, in a recent interview with the Australian Financial Review, tech entrepreneur Matt Barrie shared his views on the challenges facing Australia and the wider world - and his predictions are grim.

“The global economy is troubled. It’s low growth everywhere. It’s questionable if we ever exited the GFC,” Mr Barrie told the publication. 

“In Australia every indicator is blinking red. It’s a house of cards. We’re highly dependent on China (we’re on par with the Congo for how reliant we are) and they are in a trade war. We have the housing market falling off a cliff, and this is happening from Vancouver to Auckland too."


Emphasis mine.  It freaks me out a bit to see someone else say that we may have never exited the Global Financial Crisis. I think we might have become frogs and that we just acclimated to the recession.

I personally have been watching Australia with horror. I'm betting they had enough of the internet in 2008 to laugh their asses off at us. I'm not doing that because the pain they are entering is life changing. It's the kind of pain most people will not put up with. My advice is - if you can - crawl under a rock and hide. Come out in 10 years.

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