Tuesday, March 19, 2019


I really only became aware of this company about a year ago. This was while they were trying to get the phone together. There was some talk in the rumor mill. Which is why when Mr S. wanted to buy one of those phones I was like ........ that company? That's going to be an orphan phone! Don't do it. But I'm glad he didn't listen to me. The Red Hydrogen phones are fun enough. Not perfect. Hopefully just getting people to use them in real everyday life will help them improve.

But the phones are apparently based on the above camera. I've been wanting to see one. I guess these run in the ......... 60 thousand dollar range. It even makes me laugh to write that number. I guess these do 8k video, and the thing that stood out to me was these camera have TWO fans on the top. They must run HOT.

They have turned out to be much scrappier than I expected and I like they are trying to create something new. I mean, 3D isn't new - but being able to see it on a phone is.


  1. Capital of Texas RefugeeTuesday, March 19, 2019 6:13:00 PM

    Are you about to start a movie company?

    Because that's what these cameras are for ...

    I've known about these people for a long time, and they're in The Movie Business.

    Their cameras usually wind up defining the state of the art for a while, so it's not a surprise that they have 8K cameras that cost as much as an Audi.

    My guess as to why they created their phone is that they have some people in The Movie Business who also wanted Red to make their phone, and after figuring it out, they willingly obliged ...

    That also probably explains why What Happens In Red Stays In Red, at least when it comes to the phones.

  2. Huh.... that's interesting. It's a bold move considering their design styling with the phone. I wouldn't say it's pretty at all. It's sort of industrial looking. Which I can be into...but.....

  3. "... but ..."

    You are not the target market here! :-)

    This stuff wound up being super-industrial because crap breaks often on movie sets, and that's because movie sets really are industrial factories, except instead of producing Consumer Gadget Widgets, they produce Consumer Entertainment Products through an industrial process with a creative angle.

    There's electrical wiring galore, 18-wheelers full of lighting gear and cameras, and all of it comes together just to manufacture A Scene in A Consumer Entertainment Product on tight schedules and under extreme duress.

    So this stuff that Red builds is built for rushed setup and teardown processes that happen over and over and over each day, making this a lot more of a demanding environment than what the typical laptop-wielding commuter deals with in terms of equipment setup and teardown.

    It's essentially construction where you are never allowed to preserve the furniture and hardware you built, and instead you only have some production company's "footage" to show for your efforts.

    The ideal design ethic for these people is to produce something so rugged that the military would use it if only they could afford it -- mere MIL-SPEC isn't good enough for these people.

    And that's how Mister S got an over-engineered phone.

    I'm betting these are very popular with actors who do their own stunts, but you'd never see the likes of actors such as Keanu Reeves and Tom Cruise doing advertisements for these people.

    But the whole concept of What Happens in Red Stays in Red?

    That makes these people's phones completely safe playgrounds for them to capture stuff that's interesting to them that they can show other people in The Movie Business. Anyone else has been shut out by design.

    Again, you are not the target market here! :-)

  4. Fritz, I can definitely see that. The red card in one of those shots only holds 2 minutes.

    I see what you are saying Texas Refugee. But for that market I would expect the phones just to be ruggedized. Instead it looks more out of the catalog of brass knuckles. It has all these scallops on all sides. And for dudes that might be fine, but it's a pretty big phone for gurls.

  5. You know.... these days you can get a little robot to deliver sammiches to your door. It's unknown if they are make by gurls.