Wednesday, March 20, 2019


  1. It made me laugh. Stop the oppression man.

  2. Capital of Texas RefugeeThursday, March 21, 2019 9:44:00 PM

    Marinara ... basically slightly upgraded pizza sauce.

    I skip the marinara and go straight to rose harissa.

    Also, have you ever eaten a pizza that smells of roses?


  3. I have not, but I have had Pho with rosewater and it's quite nice. Where do you get a pizza that smells of roses?

  4. Capital of Texas RefugeeSaturday, March 23, 2019 10:52:00 PM

    "Where do you get a pizza that smells of roses?"


    You have a guy there who can make bread ...

    Try this with some actual meat and mozzarella cheese on it along with your rose harissa.

    Go easy on the rose harissa -- this stuff packs a kick, even if it smells and tastes like roses. (Rose harissa isn't regular harissa, BTW, it actually does have roses in it and it's not just named for the color.)

    You will need a lot of olive oil for this, and I suggest using Kalamata Greek olive oil because it has a good taste for this kind of thing -- the slight bitterness of the oil works with the eggplant.

    Grilled lamb works great for the meat, and of course if you have a Mediterranean restaurant nearby, you can just pick some up from there ...

    So you can make a kind of pizza that food hipsters in the Bay Area have not yet ruined for everyone else. :-)