Saturday, March 16, 2019

And that's how I wound up with puddle lights.

And a new project. As soon as they get to my door.

The only real reason I stopped to get this R8 was because it was at the Home Depo I was leaving. It's always sort of fun to wonder - what does this guy pick up in an R8! There is zero room in those things. That's pretty baller.

I'm getting shots of the car with the Home Depo in the background when the guy walks up and we start chatting. I always want to know if he's had to have a brake job yet. It's always one of the first questions I ask. And I'm sure it's rude, but I like to think of it as a warning to them. Some day when they hit that landmine they will think of me ever so slightly. Like - oh yeah, that girl said these brakes would be spendy. And she wasn't kidding. But you do sort of expect that with an R8. Not in my car.

My car is not an R8, but I think the brakes run about what it costs on one of these cars.  Which was a shock let me tell you. I think I have almost the most expensive brakes on the planet! It's a very memorable sum.

The second question I always ask is if the doors project anything on the ground. Every since I saw Audi did that - I ask all the R8 owners if they have it. I don't think I've had anyone else say yes. I must have asked at least a dozen guys at this point! But this guy, he's like - oh,  the puddle lights? You can get those for your car. They are really easy to replace. Who even knew they had a name?!

One youtube video later.......and amazon is sending me this shit. Get on my credit card! Some of them you can get really cheaply. Like 15 bucks for four.

Then of course I  have to ask about the ticket thing too. But bla bla bla. Who cares! I can't even believe I love these door projector lights. It's super tardly. And no I'm not stopping saying that word. Pictures later.


  1. Capital of Texas RefugeeSunday, March 17, 2019 1:09:00 AM

    I shall henceforth refer to these as your Poodle Lights ...

    Two reasons:
    1. Because they make your car "special" like a little pampered poodle;
    2. Because I didn't have my reading glasses on and I thought you wrote "poodle lights" instead.



  2. I kinda like that. Maybe I will call them poodle lights too.

    You can get all sorts of different things projected. And now I want to figure out how to hook them up to other things...... like my doorbell.

  3. hah! Those're kinda cool! To bad I drive a beat all to hell Caliber. Wonder if I could talk my husband into putting them on his Honda......

  4. oh gosh, there's wireless ones that require no wiring and you can get custom images......

  5. From what I understand of husbands - they are pretty cool with this shit. I think a Honda might be a good candidate.

    I rushed home and started looking under all my doors. My truck doesn't have puddle lights. But I think a Honda would. They love the after market mods demo. The wiring is not hard at all. Youtube will show you the way. You basically pop the old one out, there are two wire leads. Let me know if you need a video, but I know you are a smart gurl. So you will do fine.

  6. Or you could just surprise him. That would be funny.

  7. Capital of Texas RefugeeMonday, March 18, 2019 1:05:00 PM

    Actually, I look at this a different way ...

    Why should I make it easier for someone to stick shit under one of my vehicles by having lights that illuminate the area around it when you get near it?

    So I have this friend who has an Asian Import Beater that he bought with financing from a Ghetto Dealer, and one day he discovered that his AIB Ghetto Wheelz has a mobile tracker stuck in it ...

    He disconnected it, and within a few minutes a mail message showed up.


    Threatening him with warranty crap and that kind of bullshit.


    So he reconnected the tracker and ignored the mail for a while.

    After an initial flurry of mail that died down after a few hours, nobody called. Nobody tried to reach him any other way, even with a nastygram via Thuh US Mail. Nobody gave him shit about anything during his next actually required service visit several months later.

    And so I don't want to hear any crap about how I'm "paranoid" for checking the underside of my vehicles for "limpet trackers" and how I'm "doubly paranoid" for checking them with a frequency analyzer every now and then ...

    Poodle lights would only make it easier for these things to wind up attached to my vehicles for whatever reason, and that's enough for me to avoid them.

  8. No Baby. You only get to the poodle lights with the door open. There are others that undermount. but these just go on when you open the door. You can see it here on a Tesla.

    You can go on with your bad paranoia. But really - who's to say what's too much paranoia these days.....

  9. It doesn't have them now (it wasn't the highest end model), but I'll have to see if there's mounts for them. Hah, I wonder how long it'd take him to notice them.....

  10. I'm not sure it's a high/low end thing. I think it just might be the age of the car. What year is it? If it's more than a couple, it might not have it yet. Like my truck doesn't have them. But it's almost 5 years old now.

  11. Sorry, life got unexpectedly busy. 2016 Honda Pilot.

  12. Oh dang! I think you missed it by ONE year. It looks like the 2017 model has them. Choo!

    Like I said....they are a fairly recent thing.