Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Let them die already!

Some days I think if I read another story about what a tragedy it is that malls are dying - I'm going to freak out. Seriously - if Sears can bring down the economy we are effed.  I mean, think about it! I don't think I've bought anything there in 10 years. And it's the last place I think to go to when I need an appliance or anything else.  In case you were wondering, this post is brought to you by this hysterical article from Zero Hedge. But he isn't the only one making me roll my eyes by far.

Right now it feels like the world is filled with small people with small ideas and frankly everyone should be happy those malls are dying. They are prime real estate usually in the middle of town! Who even shops at Sears, or JcPenny anymore?  They are dinosaur brands. People are holding onto the past for no reason at all!

This is what is going to happen. They are going to doze those malls and put up mixed housing and shopping spaces. They started doing this in California about 10 years ago, and they actually appear to be wildly popular to live in. I didn't think they would be, but they are.

The world has changed, and most people don't want to spend much time in malls. They just want to park. Go to the ~one~ store that has the item they want and leave. We are a busy people now. And if Sears dies, no one is going to care one bit. Imagine how many smaller stores can fit into a Sears, and you can put housing on top. People seem to be completely happy with this configuration.

The faster these stores are put out of their misery, the better off the world will be. One could argue that Sears and JcPenny are sucking up resources that could be better used by new and fresh brands. You know - places people actually want to shop or maybe even eat.

Some of these malls today - the new anchor store is actually a restaurant.