Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I get a certain amount of writers block when I get overwhelmed. And I've never figured out how to get past it. You just have to ride the wave like I do. Usually I come up with something interesting after a while.


  1. Oh I see, it's up to the natives to entertain themselves. Ok well, I'll give my Snarkolepsy impression a try. first off there is this nifty company that is demoing drones that can capture other drones. It doesn't shoot them out of the sky as much as throws a net around them to try and capture them. They say they want to deploy them at ballparks. Something about the whole thing amuses me, it's interesting to see that what was a nice little military advantage for the US five years ago is now commonplace for everyone.

    On the weather and traffic front get ready for another shitstorm It's supposed to rain non-stop for a fortnight. They are forecasting as much as 1/2". We're going to spend the evening in the attic because of the flash flooding.

    In pancake news, there is a company in japan that will literally let you bath in maple syrup while eating pancakes. I'm trying to get Mr. S to go, but he thinks I'm crazy.

    The blog will probably be a little quiet for the next few days. Jasmin always gets depressed close to Easter, so we're going to take a quick trip to Toronto, then a red eye to El Salvador and then back to a convention in Milwaukee where other rabbit owners can share the right words to use, when trying to sooth a distressed rabbit.

    https://flic.kr/p/9UhYRd DF

  2. OMG!

    Wait... the cars didn't even rate?

    That was really pretty good though. I'm not sure if I should be sad or flattered. I had to check to make sure I wasn't married to you. That's how good it was. I didn't realize people really paid that much attention to what I write, but you basically encapsulated my blog in 4 paragraphs. Now I definitely feel like I'm in a rut. That's all I am right now. 4 paragraphs.

    You even remembered my girls name. Well, we are at Jasmine 2.0 now. Lacy. Stripper names rule!

    You totally made me laugh though, and I'm starting to feel like you know me better than I thought.

  3. Very well, I'll offer the Hunter S Thompson parody ... :-)

    My rabbit Lazlo the Fourth was coming off his high of Jack Daniels and Special K when he looked at me and said, "It's only when we're drift-racing our way on I-15 toward Las Vegas in a beat-up rental car that I can truly appreciate just how magnificently strange our lives have become."

    I instinctively let my foot off the gas pedal, not because I was going 135 miles per hour, but because whenever my rabbit stars talking to me, I know it's time to ease up on the speed, and I'm not just talking about the car. We passed bat country ten miles ago in a sort of indigo-hued blur, or at least so I thought until I noticed that the indigo hue was behind us and had California Highway Patrol front license plates.

    Obviously the California Highway Patrol thought I was not in control of my vehicle, so I accelerated into the off-ramp, rounded the corner at 105 miles per hour, and came to a dead stop with perfect precision. Naturally, the Chippie overshot the curve and had to drive back to me where I was waiting for him.

    It would have been perfect if I hadn't thought it would be cool to have a beer while I was waiting for him -- not only was I going to get another ticket, but I was probably never going to get another rental car from that company ever again.

    "Mizz Snarr-Kow-Lepsie ... I'm not going to ask how fast you were going, because you know goddamn well how fast you were going. But this is bat country, and you are obviously higher than Jesus, but you are in control of your vehicle, so I'm going to give you a warning."


    And then I woke up, covered in debris from a chair leg-sized spliff made of Federal Government Weed, with my rabbit sitting on my chest, looking cock-eyed at me.

    Federal Government Weed ... never again.

    Especially never again with my rabbit.

  4. Man, I'm going to really have to step up my game. I don't know why I'm doing all the hard work. You guys are hilarious. I'm just gonna let you guys take over.