Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Yes - you are getting traffic pictures. Seriously.

Yesterdays hell was apparently due to another pothole that was so bad it was down to the rebar. Here. 

I'd actually gotten stuck in it around 11am, so by the time I drove past it again at 4:00  told Mr S. the only way to get home was through Niles Canyon which thankfully is now back open after the storm. Which BTW is a totally changed drive. The creek runs along side the road and it used to be a very dark canyon drive. The rain filled creek scrubbed the area of trees and now you can see the creek almost the whole drive. Before you knew there was a creek out there, but you couldn't see it at all.

Up until a couple of days ago Niles Canyon was still shut and GPS didn't know, so it was still routing people through there. Mr S. has had two 3 hour commutes in the last week. Anyway.

It must have opened up early because at 9:30 the traffic was already looking like this. Which is very unusual to have the lanes that backed up in the direction going to the burbs. Usually inbound to Silicon Valley looks like that.

And then, traffic broke Waze. When they shut down several lanes Waze tries to take you on all sorts of routes. And because you don't know what the problem is, you can't tell weather you should trust it. Which BTW you shouldn't. People start getting all shades of shitty. This is someones neighborhood! And be cause people start becoming such dicks, they are all squeezed up tight so no one can cut in front of them. It's really madness. I knew they were working on the road so Mr S. and I stopped for burgers to hopefully let some of that clear out, and even the waitress was trying to figure out a way to get home. She'd already seen Waze.

We finally we able to get on this road. But the lane to get onto Niles Canyon was so clogged you couldn't even get into the lane to get on it. So Mr S. and I thought we would into Niles Canyon and attempt from another direction which was a huge mistake. The cars were backed up for probably two miles. We literally spent an hour driving in a one mile radius. I'm not even exaggerating.

Finally onto Niles Canyon. It would be so effing helpful if Google could give us a button to report lane closures. It really happens that often now that I can't believe there is a report pothole notifier but not a lane closed notifier.

"The Fremont Police Department said via Twitter it was responding to traffic complaints throughout the city because of the ensuing gridlock and asked motorists to "be patient and obey traffic laws."

I especially like that the article said this. My first feeling is to tell them to pound sand. Why don't they send out a Google alert to tell us that the effing freeway is shut down. Otherwise people wind up in all the neighborhoods with Waze trying to tell them they will save time. I mean, I drove by that crap, and I didn't know it was going to be closed for HOURS.


  1. This I think you'll appreciate ...

    YouTube: Chris Rea -- "The Road to Hell"

    Chris Rea had a place in the countryside where he'd work on interesting old British cars, but he's not been with us for a while now ...

  2. Well, actually, I thought the cancer actually got him, but he's still alive -- he's just not making music all that often.

    Cars and enjoying non-celebrity life are probably more interesting now. :-)