Thursday, March 23, 2017

I always feel slightly offended when people think I'm a crazy cat lady.

In my head I'm always like - no, no - I'm a completely sane bunny lady! See my hair?! Not crazy. Crazy cat ladies always have crazy hair.

Me checking out at the supermarket with two things of wheat grass.

Checker - is this for your kitty?

I sort of look at her. No. Bunnies I reply. But, do people only buy these for their pets? Because all the stores have fabulous grass. I can never figure out who buys it, because I'm buying for my pet.

Her - well, sometimes people juice it - but our town doesn't really have "those" people. We do have pet people though. Which made me laugh.

As I got out to the car I realized she also pegged me for not being a juice person. Mr S.'s rein of bread terror is starting to make me a little doughey though. Thank goodness it's summer so I can work that crap off.


  1. If I had a cat, the cat would be much more awesome than Mister Bigglesworth ...


    And, of course, eventually my cat would also have satellite weapons, because my cat would be that awesome, which of course also means LAZERZ. :-)

    (... just say something like this to a clerk asking you about "your cat" sometime and watch what happens ...) :-)

  2. Can you send your cat with lazer eyes over to talk to my new neighbors dog? Satellite weapons seems just about right. Send that.

  3. I didn't worry too much about strange dogs sniffing around the old place, many years ago ...

    That's because the cat would jump onto the back of any strange dog passing by, with claws fully extended. This was made more traumatic for the dog because the cat weighed nearly 10 kilos.

    If there had been such a thing as a cat rodeo, the cat would have won first prize.

    So in order to top that already awesome cat, my next cat would in fact have to be considerably more awesome than Mister Bigglesworth, and would also have to have LAZERZ. :-)