Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A most unusual TOS.

I'm going to be at a big VR "thing"tomorrow - so posts will likely be late and bitchy. Set your expectations low Yo.

The funny thing about it is that you had to agree to a ToS where you accept you could get hurt. Which was unusual, but not a biggie. Then the TOS had an even bigger disclosure saying that they don't tolerate creepers. So I'm not sure if they are demo'ing porn there or what. Because it literally was a page and a half about how not to be a creeper. I literally don't understand what else could bring out that kind of creeperism warning.


  1. When they are hard selling you on the coinop angle as the future of vr, make sure to mention that two years ago 35,000 VR arcades opened in China and last year 22,000 VR arcades closed. DF

  2. That's something I hadn't thought of. I'll keep my head up for that. Thanks.