Sunday, March 26, 2017

Same ol' song and tax dance.

Taxes burn a month of Sundays for me.  And Frank Dodd makes you want to go ballistic. Seriously. One bank send me a 4 page document (FRONT AND BACK) 8 pages total - to tell me I got 79 cents in interest. You just get drown in paperwork now. And I'm the queen of over documenting. All that stuff was suppose to make things easier, but most of it only made things worse.

They've made things that used to be simple tax issues into the most complicated shit on the planet. It's like they got together and asked - what is the most complicated way we can get people to report this stuff? Okay - let's do that. And while we are at it - flood them with senseless pages of documentation.


  1. What really burns me is that lousy standard deduction. All both sorry sacks of crap political parties would have to do is lower that deduction down to $3k for a wide range of incomes and people would have a lot more money to keep. I've reached my limit between mortgage and real estate and sales deductions.

  2. You are missing the point. They don't want you to keep more money. Once you get to that conclusion it's just all irritation.

  3. What burns me is the fucking FBAR.

    I bet it's crap like this that made Boris Johnson give that two-fingered salute ...