Saturday, March 11, 2017

Trike drifting?

Notice the back wheels are smooth like a babies butt. So you have no traction. The point is to get you to fishtail.

I paid my traffic fine today so I'd say I'm a notorious speeder now. 900 bucks thank you very much. It was a lot funner to speed when I didn't realize how painful it was. And honestly, I like dealing with the IRS way better than the police. If the IRS is mad at me, they will send me a bunch of  letters telling me they are mildly irritated and how to fix it. The police however don't send you shit. They are like - you've got a ticket - figure it out. Seriously before this, when people said they had a warrant and didn't know - I thought that was bullshit. After ? I think it's completely likely that happens a lot more than you know.

But, it could have been worse. My Better Call Saul ticket lawyer got me only one point instead of two. So presumably, the price could have been twice as much. Not counting the insurance bloodbath. You guys now the story.

Now I'm trying to find a healthier less expensive outlet for my problem. And I ran across trike drifting which I didn't know was a thing. But we decided to try it today.

These were electric, and electric bikes are pretty peppy I have to tell you. These go about 25mph. Instant on. It's a lot funner than it looks. I'm going to put some videos at the end because some of these builds are pretty awesome. Watch them.


  1. Yes, but if you over-rev the back wheels, wouldn't you be at risk of setting your backside on fire as an inevitable result of friction? Or is the front wheel the only drive wheel?

    Figured it might be worth asking about in case there's a future posting from the accident & emergency burn unit that we'd need to be braced for, of course. ;-)

  2. Hahahah. I didn't think about skin burn from the back tires. It makes more sense now that they were front wheel drive. I already have a fist sized scar on my hip from road burn, so I'm not as much a risk taker as I am a risk taster. these days. At least I think.