Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Obama Kush of course.

I was at a defense conference today. Because that is my jam. And it happened to be about five blocks from the dispensary I go to so I figured I should stop by. Why not? This is legal now. I can talk about it.

So, I place my order and the guy comes back and says he has a few things he wants to show me. One of them is Obama Kush.

Me - but what if it doesn't get me that high?

He just kinda looks at me. Then says -  well that's why it's called Obama Kush. After you smoke it you don't feel like doing anything. So I begrudgingly buy the smallest amount I can. It can't be worse than cheese weed. Likely it's all talk and no action though.


  1. You should have gone for the "Mad Dog Mattis Kush", which quickly and aggressively invades your lungs, delivers a short speech about loving the smell of napalm in the morning, and gets you completely buzzed out of your gourd before you can say, "Is this your idea of improvising?"


  2. The next time I'm tempted to wake and bake I'm going to think of you. That's funny. Though admittedly, I don't do too much of that these days because being an adult is stupid.

    When I was telling Mr S. this story I was like - I'm surprised they didn't make me pay an extra tax on that.

    Him - I'm surprised the didn't force you to buy it if you wanted it or not.