Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Govt weed is worse than govt cheese!

Mr S tells me - you have to see this article about government weed. Mind you Mr S. has tried weed exactly twice. All the knowledge of this subject he has is pretty much from me. He was a fairly straight laced kinda guy when we met. I've corrupted him. Some day I will tell you the story about how I gave him edibles and he freaking got so sick I thought I was going to have to take him to the hospital. This was before it was legal. I'd never seen anyone get sick like that. I was like eat something, or go to sleep. But seriously, I was sure I was going to jail that night. He was on the floor sick.

Anyway. I look at the picture and immediately say - OMG. That's worse than Mexican weed! You used to hear about people getting government weed but it was already pre-rolled. So you never saw what it looked like. I can't believe that's what they were getting.

He says - that's why I sent it to you. Then he was like - what?

Me - Back in the day - on the news you'd see stories about people who got government weed. I'd always think, damn - how do you get into that program? But the weed was already pre-rolled.

As a side note - I've actually had government cheese which is why this is even funnier. My grandmother was on welfare her whole life. It used to come in huge blocks. And you couldn't slice it. Every time you did it would just break into crumbles.


  1. That stuff looks like someone is trying to skew research results.

  2. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But why would they try to skew it that way? Back in the day they were constantly trying to prove how harmful it was and how it gave you "refer madness". They might as well have given them hemp to smoke, because that is the weakest looking stuff ever. You'd think they'd give them the good stuff so they could prove their point. The whole thing is confusing. I'm not sure that stuff isn't oragano.

  3. Its kind of funny that they took the time to make sure all the seeds got picked out, but then they just went ahead and just grinded the stems. DF

  4. Man I wonder how much that program cost. It went on for the longest time. Or maybe it was massively underfunded and they went to one of their buddies who grew weed and said, listen, just give me everything you don't use. Stems, chaff. Whatever.

  5. Government cheese weed burritos ...

    (no, don't actually try that, I'm imagining they would be horrid) :-)

  6. Naaaa. I'm out. I'm not into the edibles. You never know when that ride is going to start, and you sure as hell don't know when it's going to end. I have stuff to do. I can't be blazed out like that.