Saturday, March 18, 2017


While trying to find ways to procrastinate my taxes, we popped into Fry's electronics. And I'm pretty sure they were trying to give a not so subtle hint to men. Your Grizzly Adams days are over. Clean that shit up. And lose a few pounds.

Seriously, they had more beard trimmers than phones and hair dryers combined!

Also, when Fry's starts selling weird stuff - the economy is usually have a bit of a struggle. just sayin'. What is this - an electronics store or a gym?


  1. Is that Panasonic shaver giving me the Illuminati one-eye?


  2. Well, it would be funny if they just had eyes that follow you like those old timey horror flick paintings. I mean, at this point they might as well.

  3. I'm waiting for the "googly eyes" stickers that actually watch you ...

    Not so much for the short-lived amusement they'll provide for adults, but more for the enduring torment they can provide to misbehaving monstrous children who really need to believe that Mum really does have eyes on the back of her head.

    Just turn the "googly eyes" baseball cap backwards, it's great fun for the kids. :-)

  4. Oh! Googley eyed tattoos that watch you. I think this girl one upped you. I got this shot a bunch of years back now. Here.