Thursday, January 09, 2014

Toyota FV2 concept.

You know how I feel about electric vehicles. They are okay for a segment of the population that doesn't get around much. For now. There are always advances in technology, like the talk of graphene batteries, that could always be a game changer if they eventually work.

What I found really interesting about this concept was the window had a barely perceptible HUD built into it. In the fourth picture down, in the middle of the window, you can see it says "Drive Assist Active". What it displayed from what I could see was fairly limited. But you don't really want a lot of extra crap clogging up your windshield. Do you?

Update - Wait, what? Mr S. and I were having a big discussion on how you sat in this thing. I thought it was basically a recumbent bike. He said there were foot pad markers on the sides at the back of the bike. So he couldn't figure out where your head went. When he googled it, it was crazier than we both thought. Here. I have no idea how you are going to see the display in full sun. I could barely make out the HUD in the convention hall.


  1. Okay, that just SCREAMS skull fracture and lacerated face the first time you rear-end somebody. And I would think human nature would shrink from basically riding a bicylce with no hands while at freeway speeds. Yikes.

  2. I know, right?! It's just about the craziest concept I've ever seen. It's gotta be vaporware, even though the concept exists obviously. I'd still die to see someone actually driving it.