Friday, January 17, 2014

Are women growing their beards back too?

When the first Movember came around, I was "what the hell"? Mr S. I said - men have spend the better part of a decade or two convincing us they didn't like hair around their face. Now all of a sudden they are all showing up with beards? W-T-H?

My own preference is I don't like beards. It's like kissing a wire brush. I'm sure some chicks like it, but some guys like women with hairy armpits too. I'd wager that most women just really put up with beards and hope they are temporary.

Now American Apparel is displaying female mannequins in full 70's style glory? That is bold. Which I don't really have a problem with, but they could just clean it up a little. You don't have to be a pre-pubescent women, but it is a stark difference from the trend over the past decade.


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