Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Of course Google owns you.

I'd been seeing these Nest people at conferences for a while now. I was fairly unmoved. If you are micromanaging your heat to that degree - I might not want to be friends with you. That's all I'm sayin.

However, over the holidays they released their smoke detectors which completely made me change my mind on the company. And you know I mean it because those things are super pricey. We bought two. I might get a third. Watch here.

This is the thing - my family was in a fire. I was living with my Aunt at the time. My Uncle didn't allow my boyfriend to stay over, so we spent the night somewhere else. When I came back the next morning there were fire engines at my house. My cousin didn't make it out.

A NEST like device would not have helped my family because the fire was started due to them being smokers. Those people usually rip out the batteries of smoke detectors right away. The important technology that made me buy the NEST is - it tells you what room it's in. Your house can be fully engulfed in two minutes. Any extra time you have to find an exit it worth the money.

I imagine that Google probably bought this company because on the day they announced they were trying to find VC funding - it was announced that there were some problems with the thermostats. It was really unfortunate timing and the kind of news that can make people have second thoughts about giving you money. Am I crazy that Google is one step deeper into my house? No. I'm also not crazy about dying in a fire.

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