Friday, January 17, 2014

Silicon Valley does still care.

Blackphone, the Security-First Smartphone.

Back in the day - everyone on the internet knew about PGP. That's because you either had to work for a place that was connected, or attend a university all who were connected. More importantly, to keep your job you had to keep a very low profile professional appearance on the net. Why do you think there are nyms? It's because the early people didn't want to get fired. It's a hold over from the past.

Then came ISP's and all modesty went out the window. And because you had no standards, Silicon Valley stopped caring about their roots. For the last decade Silicon Valley has been a complete sellout in this regard. You enabled them by signing up for free products like facebook who have no obligation to keep any of your data private because you are not paying them.

So, when I saw this video I was pleasantly surprised. And slightly shocked honestly. I wasn't sure we would move back to a more normalized attitude about privacy. I've been on the net forever, and even my eyes grow wide when I have certain posts that create a lot of traffic. Last week I took a screen shot of the Supreme Court showing up at my site. If you knew the kinds of people who were looking at the net these days, you'd change your behavior a little. It's all I am sayin'.

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