Thursday, January 09, 2014

Pagani Huayra @CES 2014.

Used to be that going to CES for me was more about the cars than the tech for me. Most of that stuff I can see around the Valley eventually. EV's (electric vehicles) have basically ruined that. In years past the cars were so loaded up with tech it was crazy. No one wants to spend four hours charging their car so they can have five TV screens in their car.  Even if it's just to show off.

I'm not sure how much electricity a bumping sound system takes, but the day I hear a Tesla with a sound system that rattles my car in traffic - I might change my mind. EV's go against everything we are as Americans. Moar power!

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  1. Holy Batman, Warner Brothers has to be clipping a royalty on this one. Still a pretty sweet looking ride. Df