Saturday, January 04, 2014

I don't care if you think you don't need it.

This morning I was going though tweets and saw a rumor there were going to be curved TV's at CES this year. And since I normally start the year in a funk, I figured we'd go to Fry's to try and pry me out of that. I mean, it doesn't seem right to start complaining about the world so early in the game. Anyway.... I was delighted to see a curved TV there. It was interesting to see it there before CES. Normally the stuff from CES is out by summer. Look how thin it is!

The other nice thing was it isn't rear projected like this monitor I saw way back when.

I always get a pre-CES funk. You always get sick. Always. I used to try all sorts of things to avoid it. It never, ever, works and I will have some bird/typhoid/swine/chupacabra/Ebola/flesh eating flu. People come from all over, and they touch everything. And I keep reading stories about how bad the flu is ramping up right now. I think I already have it and I haven't even gone anywhere! /sarc

And it really is like running a marathon while every third person darts out in front of you with a rolling suitcase. Oh - those - people. Let me center myself. Or, they just park all their suitcases right in the middle of the isle. So everyone has to go around them. I don't know if I blogged about it last year, but I almost lost my shit because at the end you are just running through to get all you can. It happens ever year though. It's like someone walking into a door and just stopping right in the door.

Then you have to have this whole system to not have your feet look like runners feet by the time you get back. Socks(double) all through the airport and plane ride. Then whatever shoes you chose at the show, and socks (only) the way back.

So what I'm saying is the excitement hasn't really hit me yet. I'm in the dread stage.


  1. I don't understand the curved tv unless you're close. Is it a 3d thing? I can only see out of one eye so maybe I'm missing something... besides vision in two eyes.

  2. I'm pretty sure 3d is dead now. So I think it's just to look different. But I just started seeing them.