Monday, January 13, 2014

It's gonna be a tough year in the West for farmers.

See larger imagine here.

I think we can officially start freaking out now. Last year was our driest on record. There really has been almost no rain this winter. Some cities are now on high fire alert. Seriously. In October we got a series of very cold temps. My area got to 21 degrees a couple of times. The frost sucked out any remaining moisture in anything that doesn't get watered.

Normally by this time, the hills have finally greened up. Not this year. Virtually no snow means the reservoirs are really low for this time of year. I've seen it this way close to the middle of summer, but not this early.

They will probably have to kill off some of the herds because it will just be really expensive to feel them.

This is the problem. A dry ridge that has been in place for literally like two months now. It just won't move. The orange color is dry air.


  1. I suspect that it is going to get much worse. As Victor Davis Hanson noted a couple of days ago, California "Greenies" love of destroying water storage and letting every stream run unfettered to the sea does not discommode them when it is merely the farmers who are wiped out. When the dazzling urbanites start running out of water, they will be both infuriated and incredulous that reality applies to them.

    He also noted that while there have been a number of two year droughts in the Central Valley, where his family has farmed for 3 generations, this is the first 3 year drought he has seen. And there is no sign of it breaking.