Wednesday, January 22, 2014

There is one thing President Money Bags is good at....

Crushing speech.

You can tell the true conservatives in California right now. They are the ones who when they find each other start whispering like school girls. You always used to have to be a little guarded and lower your voice somewhat. Now there is a lot of barely audible whispering. Always looking around to make sure no one is in earshot of hearing you. Cuba style. And I'm not even being dramatic. It's happened to me twice in the past few months. It is like finding a unicorn after all. The change is so noticeable that I'm posting about it!

Maybe a year ago - someone had managed to interview some school girls in Cuba on camera. All I remember about it was they were all freaked about being recorded. Super freaked. They kept asking over and over if they were being recorded. Still after all these years. And not in the way that people who had never seen a camera act. Usually they are somewhat fascinated.

It honestly makes you hope every single day the stock market finally starts to cave. The market gives people an undeserved sense of comfort. Even though most of them don't have anything in the market. When it is up - you just feel better. I welcome the crash because it's the only antidote to socialism. Pain. It's all I know about the world. I still believe that spirit is here. It just hasn't been painful enough to turn enough of them.

Earnings are really starting to come in pretty badly. FYI. Which used to mean something. I guess we will see how long Wall Street dances to the same tune of the Administration. It's been five years the stock market has been going up. All of the shallow thinkers are completely pacified right now.

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