Thursday, January 09, 2014

Craziest trends ever. CES2014.

It's not worth talking about the televisions all that much. The new 4k televisions have such good resolution that taking a picture to post to the internet is ridiculous. Even the cable companies are not broadcasting 4k content. The curved TV's however are slightly more interesting. But not because they are curved. I was already spoiled knowing they exist before CES started making all their announcements.

While I can appreciate the engineering it took to make this product, I just don't understand it's relevance. I really expected more gesture based televisions. Now that is a product that makes more sense. It's still pretty clunky, but at the same time over the past year it's made great strides.

Kinect has been a revolutionary product, and that technology is really pretty cheap these days. Lots of people have been working on similar technology. What I did find interesting was - it's super odd that ALL of the companies that make TV's basically seem to have a curved model now. It seems like a pretty niche market yet they all are making them.

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