Sunday, January 05, 2014

Scratch it off the list.

Sometimes when I'm in a funk I have to go spelunking through the dredges of fun things to do. Which is how I arrived at the Sacramento Zoo today. I'm not a big zoo type person, but there is literally no one there that should annoy you. And who doesn't love giraffes? What are you dead inside? You don't hate giraffes, do you?

Funnily enough... the Sacramento Zoo is a pretty sad zoo. It's like a dead mall of zoos. But I did get a few shots. They have the smallest darkest enclosures for almost everything. And the animals there seem more anxious. I'm guessing because the enclosures are so small. The whole thing feels likeno more than a city block big.

Pretty much everything else was behind wire. That always makes pictures turn out great.

At least the traffic was super amazing. I've never seen the traffic going to and back from Sacramento be so light. Ever.


  1. Light traffic because of 49ers vs Packers game, would be my guess. One should always schedule outings around "important" NFL events. :D


  2. That makes a ton of sense now that you mention it. The game was on at the burger joint.