Tuesday, December 31, 2013

You can only bend the reality curve so long.

Today Mr S went to get some Dim Sum, and we wound up at the mall there in Cupertino. I like that mall because it's kind of a dead mall. I think the restaurants keep it alive. Mostly the Dim Sum one.

As we were walking through the parking lot I spotted this bumper sticker. The guy wasn't even out of his car yet, but I started taking a picture right away. Mr S. immediately told him he liked it because he looked apprehensive. We were in Cupertino after all. Which at this point he revealed it was magnetic. He sort of laughed and said "I have to take it off when I'm parking next to all these liberals". Which made us both laugh. Sometimes I want to make up magnetic ones to put over all the douchey President Money Bags/Biden ones. But I'm told that is illegal.

On a personal note - even though we have three years to go of this shit, I'm feeling the most optimist I have in 5 years. Everything I believe about the world is still true. You can make people believe a lot of stupid things for a really long time, but when it starts hitting your pocketbook the invisible hand takes over and people head for the exits. People will have to learn first hand why socialism sucks. I still believe we will win. All of history has shown that people only want to be left alone to make a better life. When socialism is such a distant memory that almost no one really knows what it is, or even recognises it, I guess you get to learn that lesson all over again.

I thought we were past that, but I guess not. Still, there are many times over the past few months where I just felt a wave of relief that we were going to be okay. You don't know if you are going to go the way of Venezuela. I'm not saying it wont be painful. But I think we will be stronger. I think we will make it.

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