Thursday, December 26, 2013

No squares to spare.

With one day left before my lock expires - I got my docs in. They arrived on Christmas Eve. And thankfully they were shipped from California or I would have been completely effed as UPS seems to have had a pretty good meltdown over the holiday. As it was - it took me all day to read the documents. Go to the bank to send a wire. Where Mr S. and I found out how the banks profile you. Seriously.

My particular branch the girls have been working there for as long as I've lived in this town. A couple of months back they got robbed. Which was weird because at every teller is a monitor with your face looking back at you. I really like these girls so I wanted to tell them how happy I was they all were safe. Which at first was awkward because like an airport - you don't want to say the wrong words. I've gotten to know them reasonably well even though I almost never bank inside. They've just worked there forever. One thing led to another while we were waiting to get the wire in, the gal was making small talk about the robbery which lead into how they ask you questions to somewhat profile you. For security reasons. I'm not surprised by this, but that friendly teller might be talking you up for other reasons. Just sayin'.

Then I had to find a notary, and take  the docs right the to the distribution center. I didn't want some UPS truck getting in an accident or vanishing!  I'm superstitious.  Who knows. I'm right down to the line Yo!

In some of my more paranoid moments I wondered if Frannie or Freddie was getting twice the money for my one house. I mean, the government is obviously bailing them out. My mortgage servicer says I own the house I live in. Fannie and Freddie think I own a house one digit off that doesn't exist. Double dipping?

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