Thursday, December 19, 2013

I am the other people shit happens to.

You know when you read stories on the internet and you think - surely this could never happen into today's world. Oh yes. Yes it can.

Soooooo. I've been in a refinance for almost the past seven weeks. It was going swimmingly well for the first 5 weeks. I was thinking - if this was a different world I'd invest in this company. Then hit week six. The loan was going nowhere. The reason being? You see, even though I put 20% down. I've been paying on this loan for eight years now - Fannie or Freddie Mac still owns all of my loan. And they think I'm the house I'm living in doesn't exist, and the house I'm paying on doesn't exist. It's one simple digit really. My mortgage company has the correct address.

A few years ago my statements just randomly started showing up addressed one digit off. I didn't think much about it and called to correct it. I figured it was just a typo. No so. Apparently the reason this happened is because of Frannie or Freddie. It never got sucked through the whole system.

When I called to see how they were going to resolve this and to find out what happens if I lose my rate lock the person who was handling my loan said I might have to lock in at a higher rate. The girl didn't know it yet but the wheels completely came off this bus car chase style where the rims are cutting a groove into the pavement and sparks are flying everywhere.

Cont. Hey I have to give you something. Now you know why I haven't been posting.

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