Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Living in the cracks of my mind.

I never let Ruby out and she's still alive in my house. The whole time she's been inside she's been too weak to do any exploring. Or else I wouldn't just let her live life free range like she is now. I'm not a freak. She's been spending her retirement years gazing out the window wistfully remembering her youth.

She basically hangs out in the window jam when she doesn't fall in the sink - which I think is a bonus. She can get water there. Plus it makes the whole free range insect thing really clean.

In winter it's much harder find insects for her. But when you do, they are pretty chill to get because they don't move fast. So she has had some insects. But I never expected her to live this long for sure.

Then, last night, I was making leftover turkey sandwiches and offered her some lettuce. Mr S. and I had this whole" she's never going to eat this" conversation. They only eat bugs. And wouldn't you know it... she ate a pretty big wedge out of it. Despite the Internet saying they do not eat plant material. At all. This is the first year I've done this and only because it is so freaking late in the year. And she couldn't have been searching for water because she has the sink, and we'd made a special effort to water her before I did this.

They are actually really amazing at taking food and water from humans. Though she is at the super cranky point of old age and you have to use a skewer or else she will bite the shit out of you. And it really does hurt. For a little while I was able to dip my finger in water creating a drop and she would drink right from it. At this stage her brain is telling her everything is a food source. Normally they are the pandas of the insect world.

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