Friday, December 20, 2013

I am the other people shit happens to. Part 2.

My loan sat in underwriting so long over the address issue, I finally had to send an email. Paper trails are your friend. This is what I said verbatim trying to get them to move this thing forward and recognise my address even though they had been sending my stuff to the correct address most of the whole time I've owned it. I also notified them that if my rate lock fell through I was leaving them. I mean - my loyalty evaporated when I learned they didn't own my loan.

"You sent a representative to my house. Zillow, Trulia, Google and the (the county I live in ) County Tax Administrator are all on line. "

Now, one of the reasons I was pretty impressed with them as a company initially is because I thought they were being really thorough. They sent out an appraiser the first week. She laser measured every single space in my house and took pictures. This is the sign of a proper mortgage company I thought.  And clearly there isn't such a thing as no docs now.  I'd already done a dry run - so I knew what I needed before I even started the process.

The appraiser was actually really sharp. She kept talking about mortgage rates not being this low since the war. I wasn't sure which war, but when I google searched it I freaked out. Which led to this post. Things that can not go on forever - will not.

When I first started this refi I was feeling pretty rosy. By the time the appraiser came out I realised I was a little too late. Five weeks later I was losing my shit. I was glad about the shutdown and Christmas. It meant no one was paying attention yet. Sales have fallen three months in a row now. The comp that allowed me to refi was appraised at the top.


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