Saturday, December 28, 2013

The unhappiest park ever.

Today I needed to go out and see if I could repair my reserve nerve. I just needed to be away from people. Plus, every year I like to think I am going to do CES training and I never do. Last year I took my pedometer and saw I walked eight and a half miles. Maybe this year I will do a full 10k. Anyway, we went down to Alum Rock Park in San Jose. I haven't been there in a really long time. The parks in my town are just flat fields.

At the gate you are greeted with the rules which include not taking rocks or plant materials. I mean, you might take all the rocks and what would they call the place? As I got deeper into the park though it felt a lot like being at your grannies house. I didn't even want to do most of these things until all the signs started nagging me not to.

Don't feed the wildlife.

No riding horses.

No peeing.

No 70's sedans.

No biking.

No burning. Yes, It is the middle of winter here, and we've had no rain, but that is another story.

No walking off the paths.

They should have added a sign for woodpeckers. No woodpeckers inserting acorns into holes.

The anarchists in their f-u ways wrote the symbol in moss. Sooooo.. they were technically following the rules. Except the world will never be the same because I'm sure they've disturbed some indigenous rare moss.


  1. I hope you paid for the photo permit when you snapped these. DF

  2. Hahahahah. OMG. It was like the library of parks! By the time I left I was wondering what I *could* do there.