Wednesday, December 04, 2013

That's new.

Today I was down in one of the seedier parts of San Jose and I was twenty minutes late for an appointment.  I couldn't find the address I was looking for, so I was a little frantic. I passed this homeless man and he called me from behind.

At first I wasn't sure if he was talking to himself, so I just gave a sideways glance and realized he really was talking to me. So I stopped. I'm sure he's going to ask me for money and I prepare to give him a polite "sorry". Instead he starts telling me he's from Canada. And starts getting into this involved story about how he thought I was someone else. I know the eventual end is to ask for money, but he was so effing polite. He looked newly homeless to me.

I listened to him for a couple of minutes. I was sure he's bullshitting me because well, you read this blog, right? But he's got a full on Canadian accent.

So I finally ask him if he's really from Canada and ask how he got down here. At this point I'm more than 25 minutes late for my appointment. I wanted to hear the story honestly, but I had to tell him I was late. He was taking a really long time to tell the story. Which bummed me out because while I don't talk to a lot of homeless people, I didn't know we had Canadian homeless here. How is that even possible? Get a visa to be a bum in California? I've just never heard of it.

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