Monday, December 23, 2013

I am the other people shit happens to. Part 3.

I should be preparing to have a sloppy good time for the holidays. But guess what I am doing? I didn't even start bitching until my close date on the 16th. Mostly because I don't think banks these days lend to people who need money. They only lend to people who don't. So I left them alone. I have a lot of rage for banks, and I didn't want to say anything that would screw things up.

When I did this with BofA earlier in the year that worked fabulously. My primary is suppose to be a prime lender unlike BofA.. Everything that has been going on is in the cushion period. And my lock expires Dec. 27th. I haven't gotten my docs yet. Allegedly, they went out today. I've never had to fight for something so hard in my entire life. And I'm a honey badger! I've bought a few of houses before. Now you know why there is such a large percentage of all cash buyers. The new way banks try to stop from refinancing you is by running out the clock in the hopes you have to lock in at a higher rate.

I used to read stories about this and suspected these people had less than stellar credit or payment histories. I sent docs back the day I got them. If I would have procrastinated at all - I would have lost my lock. I'm not sure I won't lose it now.

And it's all because (allegedly) Fannie or Freddie Mac thinks I should be paying on another house, despite the fact that house doesn't exist at all. My address is XX24, and they think the house I live in should be XX25. My mortgage company has been sending my bills to the right house (XX24) except for a 6 or seven month period of time. They send you statements every six months to give you a status on your loan. When it happened the first time I thought it was a typo. When the next statement came I knew there was a problem. But that was corrected several years ago. And the statements had been correct several years prior to that.

Plus! I know what documents I signed. I even had to go back over my mortgage docs to make sure I wasn't going crazy. That is how intense this address issue has been.

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