Sunday, June 13, 2010

When the TSA confiscates your cherry frosting - the terrorists have won.

Mr S. is back from church central. Maybe I can get back on a less erratic schedule now.

When I meet up with at the airport he says "did you get my email"?

If you sent it today, no. - I reply.

Mr S. has gotten in the habit of bringing a few food items from home when he goes home to visit by himself. They are things you can only get in Church central. One of them is these cherry rolls. He gets the frosting on the side so they travel well. He's done this before with no problem.

The other is these burgers. Which sounds odd. Not diner burgers, but in the vein of White Castle. But, not White Castle. They heat up really well - like that.

Him - they confiscated my frosting.

Me - What!?

Him - Yeah. But they let me keep the burgers which were wrapped in tin foil. Which is odd because they let the ice pack through for them.

Me - Okaaaaaay. Nothing looks more like explosives like an ice pack. They wouldn't let you just take a giant finger full of icing to prove you weren't a threat?

Him - No, and I tried to go through twice, so I wasn't going to push it.

Now my first response is TSA. Enemy for life. Even though apparently they were pretty nice about it. So.. what can you do.

Still..they keep changing the rules around all the time. And, the rules seem really inconsistent.

They could probably keep a small nation going with all the stuff they take. Hair gel, make up, frosting. This is just from the people in this one party on one trip.

Of course, I guess he could have checked his bag for the low, low, one time fee of a billion dollars. I guess I can't believe this is where air travel is still at.

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