Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bunny asses made this.

I'm a little excited.

I pulled the first thing from the garden today. An onion. The mild weather has made it so my full crop will probably be done in a few weeks. Non bruised, fresh onions - made from bunny asses are basically the best things on earth. This has to be one of my best years.

Bunnies give you a never ending supply of fertilizer. And since they are such a money suck - it's the least they can do. Honestly, do you know how much hay costs? It's ridiculous.

Some other stuff has been really difficult. Like soybeans and peppers.

The soybeans are a bug magnet of epic proportions. The peppers? I don't understand how something that is so painful - needs so much attention. The Chiltepins took me two months to even get going. The first set failed, and they take roughly 30 days to germinate. Who on earth wants to hurt themselves that badly to wait that long?

Mr S. has been perfecting his bread making all winter long, and when my tomato's start ripening - I'm having the best bruschetta ever. You will be jealous! You will.


  1. Oooh, happy memories! Congrats on such a splendid looking crop. I remember my first foray into growing onions; I ended up with about four dozen! The garage was lovingly adorned with worn-out pantyhose stuffed full of onions for storage. :)

    We just harvested our first cherry tomatoes a couple of days ago. Nothing tastes as good as home-grown food. Besides, I suspect growing your own food may be a useful skill in the years to come. :P

  2. I just keep a ginormous compost pile in my backyard. It produces plenty of high quality soil + the worms make for good fishing bait. I tend to stick to fruits over vegatables though, as they seem to be much easier to care for.

  3. You are always a surprise DF. I would never pegged you for a fisherman. Worms will rule the world.

    Thanks MizM. I'm jealous of your toms. I had to settle for flavorless store bought a couple of days ago. Sucked. The best thing about home grown? No stickers! I went to buy some lemons the other day because my tree wasn't producing yet, and every single one had a sticker. On lemons!

    Everything in the store has a sticker on them now. Hate it.