Tuesday, June 08, 2010

It is a marathon of shit.

Robert Reich says:

1. The government isn't spending enough money.
2. If you get a job paying less than your old job, the government should pay you the difference.
3. The government should seize a public company.

One of the things that is so deeply frustrating about this recession is the constant feeling of being stuck. Unable to go forward. There are so many things I would love to do to help the economy - but I won't. These doofuses in government don't understand that most people operate under a fairness doctrine. It isn't fair I have to help all these other people out, when I was a responsible citizen.

I gave people jobs. I gave people a place to live. I paid my taxes.

I refuse to do anything that gives them the opportunity to penalise me more for being responsible. I'd rather even suffer, if it means eventually they will lay off people in government and the education sector. Especially the education sector!

I'll stop wanting teachers to be laid off - when teachers start being able to do math.

For instance - all the schools in California seem to be on this bandwagon. This one is the closest example in memory. But, they are all doing it. School in the East Bay who just approved solar panels. Knows it will take 25 years to realise cost savings. If lucky! Does it anyway.

Plan Approved to Install $25 Million in Solar Panels at Six Local Schools

"Given the upward trend of energy costs, the district said it's likely the panels would more than pay for themselves in about 20 years. Savings after 25 years could range from $5 million to $30 million, depending on energy costs."

Pisses me off. Hopefully in much less than 25 years, technology will have progressed enough to have made these panels obsolete. Still... they are just vacuuming money out of the economy.

Why should I have to work till I'm 65, while government workers can cash out at 50? And these people think I'm just going to keep making it so that can continue? I will eat nothing but ramen noodles before I buy into that. And I don't have to.

You see.. a fairness doctrine.

It pisses me off so deeply to see 1500 workers show up for 150 jobs and almost have a riot break out because - who expects that kind of turn out? While you can't lay off one government worker for one or two years. If you are lucky. I'm still waiting for NY to be legally allowed to fire people.

And no - I don't care how hard they work for the public. Everyone I know, has lost jobs. Taken pay cuts. Haven't gotten raises for a couple of years now. So eff them. Lay them off.

Not to mention a practically chewed a hole through my cheek when President Money bags went on the parade tour of Solyndra. Who has plowed through almost a billion dollars. Half a billion thanks to you and me, and their auditors don't even know if they will survive. Here. They came on my radar because at the height of the 2008 market crash, they were building a shiny new plant. Which confused me, because there was a ridiculous amount of real estate space to be had.

What if for example, technology makes a huge leap and this stuff costs a buck a watt, instead of the 3.24 a watt like Solyndra?

If we would have allowed market forces to dictate the adoption - instead of government plowing as much money as they can in an effort to look like a big shot - we'd have saved a lot of money.

You can tell this is all they are interested in, because country after country keeps saying they are going to be the first with a giant solar grid. It is just a race. A race to make you poor and them look good. Only, they aren't going to look good.

So you see.. government has to understand - I'm unwilling to work my ass off for them. Sadly, there are actually a lot of people who actually want to work.

They need to understand that until government stops acting like they are hanging out drunk at a stripper club making it rain with hundies - there is no reason to do anything but continue starving the beast.


  1. The peasants in the USSR preferred to kill their livestock when the state was "collectivizing" agricultural resources in 1928. Even if it meant they would starve. Why?

    Stealing wasn't fair.

    Let's see how the peasants in the USA react...

  2. Well, I imagine it plays out a little like it has every other time in that past, because people can't believe it would ever happen again. Including me.