Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shouldn't the President be out there using hundies to soak up the oil?

Oh wait. He is.

You know, sometimes I think we are turning into the most sissified nation on the planet. Oh yes. I've said it.

OSHA is making people who are trying to clean up the beaches work 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off. Here. It is just really irritating.

Does anyone realize that in every state in the nation, people are out doing asphalt work in the middle of summer? No body dies! NY. 100 degree heat. People working on the roads. My city. 105 degree heat. People still work on the roads.

What do you think asphalt is made of? OIL! It isn't going to effing kill you. These guys aren't even covered in all that protective gear. Mechanics work day in and day out covered in oil.

Do so few people actually work with their hands these days that they can't figure this out? And, if everyone is so concerned about the environment, why don't they have a line of people wanting to volunteer? Is there some vast security force I am unaware of?

Thank heavens our health care systems will be nothing like this after President Money Bags gets done with it. And anyway.... can you imagine if we currently had free health care - how overwhelmed the system would be with everyone having some kind of oil related hysteria. I'm not judging. I'm prone to freaking out over my own real or imagined health issues from time to time.

Sometimes Mr S. and I laugh about it, because we both can do it. Remember when you thought you had this ailment Mr S.? He laughs. Yeah, remember when you thought you had that? He says. I laugh.

Tons of people work all day every day covered in oil. And, they don't have a giant oil baby growing out of them.

President Money Bags has a unique ability to just vaccume money out of the economy. He might as well have booms filled with hundred dollar bills. It's basically the same as what is happening now.

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