Monday, June 14, 2010

The case of human nature.

Mr S. took the day off to acclimate from his trip. So, we went to lunch.

All of a sudden he says "I guess my sister is still on unemployment. She said she's looked at a couple of jobs, but none of them pay what she was getting before. She is getting 85% of her salary while she is on unemployment. She doesn't want to take a pay cut, so she refuses to look at anything else. She told him "I don't know how the government expects you to live on 85% of your pay".

He said "the government expects you to get another job".

This of course is where my mouth drops. She's been on unemployment for at least a year. While she didn't mean to be insensitive, all of the people I know have had a much larger than 15% pay drop in the past two years. And you know what? We sucked it up and were just happy to work.

Also frustrating is - I'm betting she will have reached a point where she and most other people - are getting much more out of the unemployment system than they ever put in. Basically amounting to really expensive welfare.

I mean, her husband works. So, she isn't a welfare case. But, when you get more than you put in - it is essentially welfare. And, honestly slightly resentful making for those who have to pay extra taxes for all those with this mindset. As much as we love you, we want you to get an effing job.

It is hard to be too critical of his family. Mine is no more economically literate.

No lie. About a month ago I was talking to my Aunt and was telling her - at this point I thought I would be moving you back here and putting you up in a house. Because I literally would have to fully take her on as a dependant. This is what she says to me: Well child, I thought by now we would have gotten lucky and won the lottery. I guess that is only for other people.

Me - Do you think other people get lucky and win the lottery all the time?

Her - Yes I do. I really do.

My family has always had a huge disconnect between hard work and just "getting lucky". They are from the welfare generation. Not this one. The last one. This isn't to say they aren't good well meaning people. Just really financially illiterate. And at this point in their lives, you just can't say anything about it. They aren't going to change their views.

I just wish they understood that this isn't devoid of consequences. When inflation hits. And, it will eventually. We all will pay regardless of need, status, age or well being.

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