Saturday, June 12, 2010


Mr S. has been out of town for a few days visiting his folks. This has allowed me to lead a completely non structured life.

I've been fighting a cold for a few weeks now, and not getting to sleep until 4 in the morning a few days in a row has tipped the balance. One of several good reasons I didn't fly back with him to a small churchy Midwest town. The airport, and usually the lack of sleep that goes along with travel - always get me sick.

So, now I'm sick. Just gloriously I don't have to listen to his family tell me about the tree house he had as a kid, a billion times in one day. They are wonderful people. But, I'm not new. I'd have to smile and pretend like it is the funniest story on earth, all the while feeling like crap.

It is also preventing me from feeling like going out and getting a shot of that hammer and sickle graffiti that I just noticed last week. I tried to get it a couple of days ago, but the sun was in the wrong spot. I just couldn't get it.

Hey, it is California. Still, usually we aren't that open about it.

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  1. My parents even tell me the treehouse story over and over, and it was MY treehouse. I was there!