Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The objective is to kill the economy - not save the planet.

I've been watching the whole oil spill with great frustration. Not because there is oil leaking into our waters - which I admit is not great. But due to the complete hysterical over-reaction to it.

You see - if Americans actually read any news, they would know about a little oil platform blowout that happened just late last year in deep waters. I read Australian news. They actually talk about our country more than our country talks about itself.

The Montara well is very similar to the Gulf Coast well disaster. Oh! You haven't heard of the Montara well? It leaked for 10 weeks. You mean all life as we know it didn't stop? You didn't see whales and dolphins and all other sea creatures dead on the news? It was a giant oil leak! In a "marine superhighway" no less.

When people talk about the gulf oil leak, they don't even mention the Montara well. And, it just happened in late 2009! You'd think that if these things were such a great catastrophe they would draw a line between the two.

Yet they don't. Because the ocean is greater than you are. Evolution is greater than you are.

I'm tired of the hysterical panic over them never being able to tap the well because it is like hitting something the size of a dinner plate. They did exactly that with the Montara well. It took them 5 tries - but they did it. And you've hardly heard a word about it. That doesn't mean President money bags shouldn't put more people out of work because of his having a giant vagina. It seems to be his best skill.

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