Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This would be interesting for about 5 days.

On the sixth day. Irritating.

Since I suspect that all of you reading this blog are as ADD as I am, just skip forward to the 30 second mark. And keep it muted to protect from the annoying and unnecessary sound track. I tried to get you a better video, but this was the only crap I could come up with.

Why is it interesting? California needs money Yo~! I do give them props for at least thinking of something we might willing to give them money for. There are tons of things people would gladly pay taxes on, if they were allowed. Of course this will all end horribly, and someone will get sued because not all of those among us can handle information over load.

June 15, 2010
"License-plate advertising eyed as future money-maker for state California lawmakers are eying vehicle license plates as a new frontier for advertising and a future revenue boon for the state.

Senate legislation would allow the state Department of Motor Vehicles to develop a program enabling license plates on the rear of vehicles, not the front, to be converted into digital message boards

Senate Bill 1453 was approved by the Senate without a dissenting vote last month, 25-0, and currently is in the Assembly.

Under the measure, what appear to be traditional license plates when a car is moving would convert to message boards that display advertising or other images when the vehicle stops for four seconds or longer - at a stoplight, for example, or in a traffic jam."

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Interestingly, most guys want this technology so they can hide from the cops. There is a whole youtube thing about hiding your licence plate. Which is where I ran across this video.

This I really, really find interesting.

A few years ago I was hot on this technology from my post World of Next Tuesday. Where the windows were made of liquid crystals, and you could activate them to obscure the view in the window. (It's in the bathroom photos right above the photo of the faucet pissing out of the wall.)

At the time it was so freaking ridiculously expensive, and I would never have imagined that guys trying avoid the cops would move this technology forward. Which presumably would be cheaper. Loves it.

And, just a P.S. Also in the World of Next Tuesday post - I was talking about 3D printers. Just a couple of weeks ago they had them at Maker Faire. So I asked the guy how much they were selling for. 15 grand. In 2006 they were going for 20. In 2005 they were 45 grand.

In another couple of years, they will be in your house relatively cheaply. Which is funny because Mr S. started talking about 3D printers maybe 7 years ago, and I thought that technology was complete bullshit. I was really wrong.

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