Monday, September 21, 2009

Three blind mice.

I hate talking about this. I really do. But, it is the reality that we are in.

Mr S. and I have been talking a lot about the administration. My question always is - do you think they will ever get it? "It" being the psychology of the economy. Mr S. says the Libs never will. They'd have to admit their whole world view was wrong. That giving things away to people can not be sustained. That everything they'd worked for like entitlements don't help people. They hurt people.

I of course understand the entitlement issue. Being a welfare baby and all. It's still hard for me to grasp that they will ignore everything around them to reinforce their world vision to the bitter end. At some point they have to surrender. Right? There just isn't enough wealth to offset the weight of all the obligations.

Honestly, most days I'm shocked that the world isn't on fire. It is a great testament to us as a people. We've kept it together. Yet the strain is palpable. Everywhere. Laughter is replaced by a far off stare. Everywhere.

The moderate part of me thought the administration would make a small attempt to get itself together over the summer. And if it doesn't realize it now - it better soon, it's walking into a public relations nightmare. That's what is important to them. Right.

There is nothing like the Holidays that will focus people's minds on how much they've lost. And how fragmented their families are. People have spread out to anywhere they can get work. Right now, people are trying to hang low and survive. Around the holidays, the media will capitalize on the human suffering. People "camping" outdoors will be forced to take shelter somewhere.

Hell, in SF in a good year when it freezes - there aren't enough beds for the homeless. Where are these people going to go when the weather gets bad? And how will the news not jump with joy at being able to report this?

To see that the administration just thinks jobs are created from thin air is just breathtaking to watch. And people believe him! Hell, even my own family believes him.

I was out at breakfast this weekend and the owner of the place was talking to us. He said, "people are scared. I've never seen anything like it". I'd guess the guy about about 60. You can't go anywhere without people talking to you about it.

I never quite understood why the administration tried to ram things through in this fashion. I know they try to get the big stuff out of the way while they still have traction. Yet, it would have been easier to do - if they'd let people stay richer. They could have gotten so much stuff through while we weren't looking. Now, I honestly think his presidency is lost. He may not know it. But it is.


  1. Mr S. says the Libs never will. They'd have to admit their whole world view was wrong.

    Not only that, but their entire "world view" is premised on seeing the world as their preconceptions dictate and disregarding any contrary empirical evidence. If it doesn't fit with how they think things are supposed to be, then reality simply doesn't exist for them.

    In any event, Pres. O has no understanding of the economic facts and even less desire to learn them.

    The US is run by fools who will take advantage of the situation to press forward with their agenda and will make the situation much worse in the process. Them's is the facts of life.

  2. Well - we seem to be in good company. It's like all these leaders are in a competition to see who can fly the plane into the ground the fastest.