Thursday, September 03, 2009

It does raise an eyebrow.

I don't have much today, because I had one of those forced doctors visits.

Why do I get forced into the doctor every 6 months? Well mostly because I have a thyroid problem and my doctor cuts off my prescription. Maybe - once a year I need to have something adjusted, but mostly I'm stable. But, it always leads to a ton of visits I don't really think I need. I do play the game I guess.

Usually my doctor and I just chat. Which in all honestly I resent. Even though my doctor is a nice guy. He's fun to chat with. Yet, I know he's busy and I'm taking up time someone else can use. I will have to dredge up the post from the last time. Of course I can't tag this stuff so I can find it or put a recognizable subject line.

Sometimes I scour my body for things that I can fill the time with. If I wasn't forced to go in, I don't know - I'd probably still have a few skin tags I had him cut off.

Today I asked about my shoulder. Did you know when you dislocate your shoulder more than twice, you are basically fucked? There is like a 90% chance you will dislocate it again. Which I guess is interesting to know. I already knew that eventually when it bothered me enough, I'd have to go a shoulder guy who will want to perform surgery. I'm not really keen to surgery. It doesn't always turn out the way you want, so it's always a last resort for me.

Anyway. The thing that was notable about this visit was that he asked me if I smoked. Yeah, that's it you say? Click, next page. I don't smoke, but when he logged the information he said "it's a bit of social information we need." Now, that struck me as really odd.

I don't smoke. Though, there has probably been enough cigarette smoke go through my lungs that I need a warning label. My whole family smoked. A lot. Also, I've been seeing this guy for like 10 years. All of a sudden he wants "social information". And it's just such a specific phrase. I literally tilted my head because I couldn't believe he phrased it that way. I imagine it is in preparation of the upcoming President Money Bags care where they get to deny stuff I need if I were to smoke.

The other stupid thing was he got a nifty new laptop - which I guess all my medical records are on. He's only 50, but pretty computer illiterate. Which was annoying. I wanted to rip the laptop out of his hands and put in a request for my freaking medication myself. All that time we usually spend chatting was taken up with him trying to put a prescription request though.


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  1. Maybe I'll get to meet you at an end of life counseling session or we'll end up in the same
    "camp". ;~}