Sunday, September 27, 2009

Someone has been really - really - busy.

The day started really uneventfully. It's been mind numbingly hot. So other than being on tilt because of it - and having a cold when it is mind numbingly hot, I'd say it was still an uneventful morning. Until I ran across this on the way out of town.

This of course, is a fascinating development. It must have gone up last night. I drove by this billboard just yesterday. We never get this kind of stuff here. I'd say the burb is more politically correct liberal leaning. While people have political views, unless they are protesting nukes - it isn't that easy to get people all riled up. I swear to you - the only time I've even seen protests was over nuke issues. And usually that only happens once a year.

So the idea that these Obama signs are starting to crop up in a lot of places is very interesting. I don't know what it means, but it must mean something. I haven't even seen this crop up in San Jose yet. Which being a big city you'd expect to see.

Anyway, Mr S. and I have breakfast, and on the way back there is an area that has some billboards. I turned to Mr S. and said "hey - they should put some of those Obama signs there. It's prime real estate". I guess they had already thought it of, because they'd tagged the space already.

The interesting thing is - they are only putting these up on retail space billboards. We have taggers everywhere, but these signs aren't in any of the places the paint taggers touch. Hell, the taggers are so bold they will tag the lane dividers in the middle of the freeways these days. To do this you have to run across several lanes on the freeway.

They could put the Obama posters up anywhere, but they are exclusively on retail space billboards.

Here is another one. It was a bitch to capture. I actually put about 10 miles on the car trying to get this shot. No frontage road, and there were trees until you got right up on it. So I had turn around three times in an area that was a couple miles in between exits.

These are all from today. Including yesterdays shots, they are now in three different cities.

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