Thursday, September 17, 2009

You can't live inside my head rent free.

The relationship with my renter has really become fragile the last few months. Some of it's the hundreds of dollars in water bills. Some of it is him falling out of pattern range in paying rent. Perhaps at the very base is that everyone in your circle these days is in completely different spots in life now. Everyone is trying to readjust socially.

Then there is the constant tethering. Every month he is taking up space in my head in some fashion. And I'm just tired. It's been a long hard year. Oh yeah, and the constant thought that since bachelors are living in my house, they are acting like monkeys flinging poo.

So, today when I got a note from him at the door - I thought "okay, it isn't the greatest time. But, it will be sweet relief." I'd been preparing for this moment forever. Though, between now and January doesn't seem like a great time to rent a place. Lets face it - if it's between stuff for the holidays and paying rent. The holidays are going to win every time.

Anyway. When I called him - the first thing out of his mouth was "Snarkolepsy, you had a sprinkler pipe broken in the back yard. I fixed it". I'm a bit in shock because I think he's moving out. After asking him if he wanted me to reimburse him, he replied - No, I'm putting the water bill in my name tomorrow.

Oh yes he did, Mr S.

He'll be reading this and falling over in shock.

He went on to say that his girlfriend was moving in. Which almost made me cry. In case you don't know, when men go through divorces - they loose their fucking minds. Honestly. And it takes them forever to get their shit together. This whole drama started right about when we bought the crapshack.

I don't really care what their deal is, I just feel hope that maybe I can have a couple of months of peace. And maybe we can heal our relationship. Eventually.

We'll see. I was so close to being done with the whole thing. 11th hour done.


  1. Thanks. I'm sure it won't last. But he has shown some interesting change in pattern the last couple of days.

    I just need a little time to recharge my batteries. So even a little while is a hlp.