Tuesday, September 08, 2009

In 20 years no one will believe people dressed like this.

Yes, today is crappy picture day. I have a bunch of stuff to talk about - I'm just having a problem formulating it into an interesting story.

This guy however was walking around my city this weekend. And, I thought he should be mocked. Yes. I really did.

I'm not a mean spirited person - but really? His baby momma was behind the pole. And, BTW - you never really understand what pain in the asses utility poles are until you are driving down the road trying to get a shot of a guy with his pants down.

So I forced Mr S. to flip a u-ey so I could get a better shot of him. By this time he'd spotted me and started throwing his hands up like "yo daaawg - wut u lookin at". It was around this point his baby momma started walking towards the car, and I decided to bail on this bit of amusement.

So, all you get it this crappy picture. Enjoy.


  1. Twenty years from now? Keyser can't believe that people dress like that today.

    Anyway, didn't you see the movie Idiocracy? The future belongs to them.

  2. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But, it'd been long enough that I had to view a trailer to remember.

    I guess I think it's just ridiculous people dress like that now. And useful. To know who the idiots are with ease, and to know what idiots are are taking my money. Because, you know that guy doesn't have a job.

    Thankfully I believe that kids are not resigned to the same fate as their parents. so maybe that kid will be a millionaire. I don't know. Could happen